Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Stardoll Music Awards 2011

Hi there, Im Dancaholic98 , bringing you the Stardoll Music Awards 2011! Let me tell you what this is going to be about.

There will be a week dedicated to music. Starting the week will be competitions, including music quizzes, style [based on your favorite artist] , raffles and more! During all of this, a poll will be open, for you to vote for different things - favorite singer, favorite band, best song of 2011, best female artist, best male artist and more! On the last week of the'festival' [as I shall call it] the winners will be announced and there will be a big party in a club that will be dedicated just to the Awards! Sounds good, huh? ;)

Also, there will be a few suprises here and there. Just watch this space!

The Stardoll Music Awards 2011 - Coming soon!

- Dancaholic98 x